Custom Rubber Stamps
Made From Your Photos

A New Kind Of Rubber Stamp
It’s not the old-fashioned rubber stamp with the big handle and ink pad. Made from your photos, pre-inked, and self-contained in an airtight plastic case. No need for a messy ink pad. It will stamp hundreds of times before re-inking.

Innovative Technology in a Rubber Stamp
These are not “carved” rubber stamps. Stampics Rubber Stamps are made using new technology that transfers a digital image onto a special stamp material that captures detail up to 600 dpi – similar to a laser printer. Each order is hand-edited in Photoshop, and the result is a rubber stamp, which leaves an incredibly clear impression. 

Put Your Stamp on It!
Personalize your stamp with text, images or use your own artwork. Upload your image, tell us how you’d like it customized, and place your order. Your stamp and a vial of ink will ship in two business days.

GET STARTED on your own stamp!

A Remarkable Impression

Regular carved rubber stamps are stamped into an ink pad, and leaves a black/white impression.  Stampics Rubber Stamp leave a black/white and grey scale impression for a very life-like impression.

The One and Only

You won’t find these stamp anywhere else.  We ‘ve been making Stampics Rubber Stamps since 2005.

If You Can Picture It…

We’ll Rubber Stamp it. Our custom rubber stamps are only limited by your imagination.Get out there and put your stamp on it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can turn most orders around in two days of receiving your order. If you do not like the quality of your stamp let us know and we’ll refund your purchase.