Pet Medallion Rubber Stamp


Custom pet rubber stamp, enshrined in their own medallion. Personalize it with an image and text. Famous pets only. Stamp size is 1.18″ Tall x 1.18″ Wide.

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Pet Medallion Rubber Stamp.

Stampics Rubber Stamps, handcrafted in the USA, transform your photos into rubber stamps that leave remarkably sharp impressions, surpassing conventional stamps in clarity.

Key Features:

  • Self-inked design for convenience, no separate ink pad needed.
  • Compact size in a durable, air-tight plastic case for easy portability. No clunky stamp handle, can fit in a pocket.
  • Capable of hundreds of impressions before needing a re-ink.
  • Includes additional ink for 25-30 re-inks.
  • A variety of ink colors available: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Hot Pink.
  • Quick 2-3 day turnaround for your personalized order.

Forget ‘sit’ and ‘stay’—the newest pet trick is stamping! With our dog rubber stamp, your pooch can put their seal of approval on, well, anything. And for the cats…it’s no secret that all the cool cats are doing cat rubber stamps this year. After all, every kitty influencer needs their signature stamp for that “paw-tographed” merch.

So, if you’re looking for a personalized pet lover gift, a pet rubber stamp is hilariously on-point. And it’s the perfect way for your furry CEO to sign off after doing their business. Let’s face it, your pet is probably running the show anyway—might as well give them the stamp to prove it! They need a Personalized Pet Rubber Stamp.

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pet rubber stampPet Medallion Rubber Stamp
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