Santa Banner Holiday Rubber Stamp


This Christmas rubber stamp is just waiting for a face and your holiday message. Stamp Size: 1.18″ wide x 1.58″ tall.

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Santa banner holiday rubber stamp. Great addition for your christmas cards and gifts this holiday season. Great stocking stuffer too.

Stampics Rubber Stamps, handcrafted in the USA, transform your photos into rubber stamps that leave remarkably sharp impressions, surpassing conventional stamps in clarity.

Key Features:

  • Self-inked design for convenience, no separate ink pad needed.
  • Compact size in a durable, air-tight plastic case for easy portability. No clunky stamp handle, can fit in a pocket.
  • Capable of hundreds of impressions before needing a re-ink.
  • Includes additional ink for 25-30 re-inks.
  • A variety of ink colors available: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Hot Pink.
  • Quick 2-3 day turnaround for your personalized order.

This holiday season, why be a mere merry-maker when you can be a merry-stamper? With our holiday rubber stamps, complete with your chosen image, you’re not just sending a card, you’re casting a spell of cheer. Don your face with a Santa hat or elf-ify yourself with our Christmas stamps – because who wouldn’t want to be an elf?

Ready to stake your claim in the annual “Most Festive Card” contest? With our self-inked holiday rubber stamps, you’ll leave your mark and a trail of holiday sparkle on every envelope and card. Our holiday stamps with an image are the secret weapon in your yuletide arsenal.

But there’s more than just festive flair! Our self-inked Christmas rubber stamps are as easy as pie (the mince kind, of course). They come pre-inked, straight out of their jolly little cases, and are perfect for those who relish in the holiday hustle without the hassle.

Compact enough to fit in your stocking, our mini stamps are the tiny reindeer of your Christmas stationery sleigh. And for those who like their greetings to go full circle, our custom round stamp options are the wreaths to your laurel.

Caught in a blizzard of design options? Fear not, for we have a sleigh-full of choices for your personalized self-inking stamp needs, from your mug in a Santa hat to your face on an elf’s body.

In a nutshell, Stampics Rubber Stamps are your trusty companions through this season of stamping. Whether you need a self-inking personalized stamp for your sleigh-load of holiday cards or just to add a dash of personality to your gifts, we’re here with a sack full of options.

Forget silent nights; let your stamps jingle all the way. Stamp with joy, stamp with mischief – stamp in holiday style!

Santa Banner StampSanta Banner Holiday Rubber Stamp
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