Approved BOOM!


Boom! Rubber Stamp

Approved by YOU, you handsome devil. Customized with your photo. Upload your best photo and BOOM! you’ll have your own stamp of approval.

Boom! Rubber Stamp Approved by YOU, you handsome devil. Stamp is 1.18” Wide and 1.18” Tall.

Unlike any rubber stamp you’ve ever seen! Stampics Rubber Stamps are made directly from your photos, so the stamp impressions are remarkably clear, much more so than traditional carved rubber stamps. Each image is Photoshopped, then the image is transferred the photo directly onto flash foam which imprints your photo onto the rubber. Stamps are self-inked, so no ink pad needed. It’s enclosed in an air-tight plastic case and will stamp about 100 times before re-inking is needed. A vial of ink is included that will re-ink the stamp around 25-30 times. Re-inking a stamp is easy – just drop a few drops of ink on the surface, let it soak in, then dry the excess with a paper towel. Ink colors available are Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Hot Pink. It’s not recommended to change ink colors on a stamp. Turn around time on order is 2-3 days. This stamp will last forever if you take care of it!

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in