Start From Scratch – Wide Custom Rubber Stamp


Anything you want on this wide custom rubber stamp. Upload any photo or your own design and tell us how to customize it. Stamp size is 1.58″ wide x 1.18″ tall.

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Elevate your stamp game with Stampics Photo Rubber Stamps! Proudly handcrafted in the USA, our personalized rubber stamps transform photos into custom rubber stamps, which leave stunning, high-definition impressions, far surpassing those of traditional rubber stamps.

Key Features:

  • Self-inked design for convenience, no separate ink pad needed.
  • Compact size in a durable, air-tight plastic case for easy portability. No clunky stamp handle, can easily fit in a pocket.
  • Capable of hundreds of impressions before needing a re-ink.
  • Includes additional ink for 25-30 re-inks.
  • A variety of ink colors available: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Hot Pink.
  • Quick 2-3 day turnaround for your personalized order.

Why should you buy Stampics Rubber Stamps? Well, let’s stamp out any doubts!

First off, with a custom rubber stamp made with a photo, you’re not just stamping; you’re making a statement. Tired of signing your name? Get a personalized stamper and make it a face stamp! Want to mark your books, homebrew labels, and outbound mail? Our personalized rubber stamps are here to help you out.

But wait, there’s more! Our custom self inking stamps are so easy to use, even your cat could probably do it (though we don’t recommend trying). Say goodbye to the mess of separate ink pads. These pre inked stamps are ready to go, right out of their snazzy little cases. Perfect for those who value cleanliness and convenience, or if you’re just really, really lazy.

And size does matter – our self inking mini stamps are so compact, you can take your stamping spree on the go. Fit them in your pocket, purse, or even hide them for a surprise stamp attack.

For the round stamp enthusiasts (we know you’re out there), our custom round stamp options add that perfect circular touch to your stamping needs. And for those who can’t decide what they want, we’ve got dozen of different designs for your personalized self inking stamp. Whether you’re into craft rubber stamps or need something more professional, we’ve got you covered.

In short, Stampics Rubber Stamps are the superheroes of the stamping world. Whether you need a self inking personalized stamp for your business, or just want to have a bit of fun, we’ve got the stamp for every stamp-craving soul out there.

Life’s too short for boring stamps. Stamp loud, stamp proud!

custom rubber stamp from photoStart From Scratch – Wide Custom Rubber Stamp
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