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Your Personal Stamp of Approval!

Let's face it, grading papers can be a real snooze-fest. But with a teacher rubber stamp, you can add a little fun to the process! Not only are they practical for grading papers, leaving notes, or motivating students, but they also add a personal touch to your work. With just a quick stamp, you can tell your students that they "rocked it" or that their work is "stellar" - no need to waste time writing out comments. And since the stamp has your own lovely face on it, your students will know that they're getting feedback from the coolest teacher in town.

Make your mark with a one-of-a-kind teacher rubber stamp

Each stamp is completely unique and crafted with care by our team of graphic designers. And by "crafted with care," we mean that each stamp is expertly photoshopped to perfection. That's right, we don't just slap your photo onto a generic stamp template and call it a day. And with the ability to choose from our selection of teacher rubber stamp designs, or create your own, the possibilities are endless.

No Fuss, No Mess

Not only are they a breeze to use, but they're also handy. Each stamp is self-contained in its own case, so you won't have to worry about any clunky stamp handles or ink pads cluttering up your desk. And with the ability to stamp hundreds of times before needing a re-inking, you'll have plenty of time to grade papers, write notes, and leave your mark on everything from homework assignments to your colleague's lunchbox.

Motivate your Students

These stamps aren't just for marking papers, they're for motivating your little minions to greatness! A witty stamp can give them the push they need to reach for the stars and beyond. Let's be real, kids don't want to do homework. They'd rather be playing video games or hanging out with their friends. But with the power of a teacher rubber stamp, you can make homework seem like the coolest thing since sliced bread. Your students will be so motivated that they'll be begging for more work. And when they bring their papers home, their parents will be in awe. They'll be saying things like, "Wow, little Timmy, you've really stepped up your game. What's your secret?" And Timmy will be like, "It's all thanks to my teacher's stamp. It really tickles my funny bone and makes me want to be a straight-A student." So go ahead, unleash the power of a witty stamp and watch your students reach for the stars and beyond (or at least get their homework done on time). All thanks to your thoughtful, yet hilarious teacher stamp.

Create a Rubber Stamp in 3 Steps


Choose a Stamp Design

Select from many designs to get started, or upload your own.


Upload Your Image

Select the image you'd like to use to create your stamp.


Customize Your Stamp

Select customization options, and your stamp will ship within 2 days.

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