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If you can picture it, we can rubber stamp it! We custom photoshop all of our orders, so upload an image and tell us how to customize it, our team of graphic designers can make it for you. Turnaround time on orders is usually two days.

Or upload your own finished design – some of our best stamps come from our creative customers. Upload your design on one of our Start from Scratch stamp sizes, and we'll do the rest. Contact us if you have questions, and have fun designing your custom rubber stamp!

Selfie Rubber Stamps

a new kind of rubber stamp

amazing rubber stamps

Regular, carved rubber stamps have a big clunky handle and require an ink pad. They leave a black and white impression, that's it 😞. Stampics Rubber stamps are made with new technology that transfers your image directly onto the stamp - so your stamp impression actually looks like a photo - black, white and grey scale.

We manually Photoshop each order per your instructions. The stamps are self-contained, air-tight, pre-inked, and small enough to fit in a pocket. No stamp pad needed. Get started by choosing from one of our designs, or start from scratch. Many colors of ink to choose from, and your stamp will stamp hundreds of times before you'll need to re-ink it.

Everything would look better with your face on it, don't you agree?

some recent custom rubber stamp orders

Here are some recent custom rubber stamp orders that we've made. Stampics custom rubber stamps show incredible photo-like detail.

how to create a custom rubber stamp



Choose a stamp design, or start from scratch.



Find a good image and upload it.



Customize your stamp.

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