Birth Announcement Rubber Stamps

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Birth Announcement Rubber Stamps

Personalize your Birth Announcement with Style

You now have a child to raise, but you’re still going to send out a fun and beautiful birth announcement. And the envelope will be adorned with a very cool little rubber stamp of your newest family member! Use one of our birth announcement rubber stamp designs and upload your image – we’ll take it from there. And then within days you’ll be sending out some great birth announcement notices. In really cool envelopes.

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Birth Announcement Rubber Stamps

Check out some of our personalized holiday rubber stamps. Our proprietary process makes incredibly photo-realistic rubber stamps. Air-tight self-contained and self-inked - there is no clunky handle or ink pad. It will stamp hundreds of times prior to re-inking (additional ink is provided with each stamp). Make your stamp today and join the holiday rubber stamp wall of fame!

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