Photo Guidelines

How to make a great stamp

As a general rule, look for good contrast between the subject and the background, as well as good contrast on the subject of the stamp. Can you clearly see the eyes, nose and mouth? That’s good. Is there a shadow cast across the face? That’s not good – unless that’s the artistic look that you’re going for. Here are a few guidelines we have put together to help you to get the best stamp possible. Here is what to avoid and what to look for.

What makes a good stamp?

face stamp stampics

Clear Features

Having clear definition between features is really what will make your stamp look great.

stampics dog rubber stamp

Good Contrast

Increasing the contrast is one of the most important parts when making stamps. If you have an image with a background you want to make sure the color range is very different between the background and foreground. The easiest way to tell how the contrast looks is to set your image to grayscale. Since your stamp will be all one color this helps you see the variations in shadows and highlights.

What makes a bad stamp?

Too much shadow for facee stamp

Too Much Shadow

When an image has a large portion in shadow it may be hard to see. The stamp will come out too dark and the details to the photo will be lost.

washed out photo

Too Much Shadow

When an image has too much exposer the features of the image are erased and this poor girl will no longer have a nose.

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