Face It, You Need a Stamp

The many reasons you need a stamp in your lfe.

Not all Teachers have to be Karens – some can be cool like you

teacher face rubber stamp

Gone are the days when kids were once happy after counting the number of stars they got from their favorite teachers – they’re all smart now and are probably used to giving themselves fake stars. Now, as you sit in your room thinking about this cool-teacher war in your school and how badly you want to win this competition, I will tell you the secret to winning the race. No, Lisa, you don’t have to hide “Questionable things” into another teacher’s drawer to make her look bad (I mean you could if she’s a Karen) but the key is doing something the others aren’t doing – you have to impress the kids here so they talk about how cool Miss Lisa is.

Now, you must be wondering what’s something that has the power to make you cool – no, it’s not giving them less homework or free periods, but it is making them feel appreciated. In our school days, we were always looking forward to being the favorite student, but even when we were the favorite, we never felt enough just by verbal appreciation. To all the teachers out there, here we have the teacher's aid you never knew you needed until now – a teacher rubber stamp, or more specifically, a teacher face rubber stamp.

These stamps help you get the grading done quicker, and makes you the clear winner of the cool-teacher award. So, choose a design that works, add your custom text, and upload your best teacher smile to make your custom teacher face stamp. And yeah, let the other teachers know who the trendsetter is here.

Rock it with the cool teacher face stamp – because Lisa, nobody can win the competition and the hearts of her students better than you.

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