Stampics FAQ

Does it work just like a rubber stamp?

Sort of…But you won’t need a stamp pad. The stamp is pre-inked and will stamp about 100 times before you need to re-ink it. The impression that it leaves is much more detailed than a traditional rubber stamp – closer to that of a laser printer.

How do I re-ink the stamp

To re-ink the stamp, place a drop or two of ink on the face of the stamp, spread the ink evenly across the printing area of the stamp, and then let it soak in for a few minutes. Softly wipe away the excess ink with a cloth, and your stamp is re-inked and ready to use.

How is it different than a regular rubber stamp?

Regular rubber stamps leave a black/white, while Stampics leaves a photo-like black, white, and the gray scale impression. Also, the ink is pre-saturated into the stamp itself, making it a self-inking stamp – they don’t use a stamping pad like regular rubber stamps.

How do I take care of the stamp

Your Stampics stamp comes with an airtight case, which should be left on when the stamp is not in use.

Stampics ink is specially formulated for Stampics stamps. You should not use ink from other sources on your Stampics Stamp.

Don’t let ink dry on the surface of your stamp. Once you re-ink your stamp, wipe the extra ink off the face of the stamp, and then put the lid back on before putting the stamp away.

You should not try to wash the surface of your Stampics stamp, as this will ruin the surface and permanently damage the stamp.

The stamp is sensitive to high heat, so it should not be left in direct sunlight, or be put through the dryer.

Store the stamp face down when not in use – this will keep the ink closer to the stamping surface.

Can I change ink colors on the stamp?

Changing ink colors on your stamp is not recommended. The stamp soaks up the ink like a sponge so different colored inks would blend. If you would like to stamp in different colors, you should purchase a separate stamp for each ink color.

Can I edit my own stamp?

Yes, Absolutely! Anything that can be photoshopped can put onto a stamp. Some of the best stamps come from clients doing their own edits and then uploading a “Upload Your Own” order. You can also use our built-in photo editor Pixlr to edit your photo.

What about removal of the background in the photo?
Most stamps look better if the background is removed. You can do this in a program like photoshop or our built-in editor Pixlr. How to Videos coming soon.