Edit Your Own Stamp

Want to do your own photo editing?

We edit all order per your instructions in Photoshop.  But if you have Photoshop or other image editor skills, you can edit your own stamps.  There’s a number of online photo editors available if you don’t have Photoshop – one good one for making stamps is Pixlr, since you can trace around an object and remove the background easier than you can in other free online editors.  Overall, Pixlr does most of what photoshop does (for our purposes).  We’ve provided the basic steps below to edit your own stamps.

How To Edit Your Photos With Pixlr
  • Open Pixlr from the Link Below
  • Upload Your Image
  • Crop Your Image to a Square if ordering a 30mm x 30mm stamp, for a 4 x 3 ratio for the Tall/Wide Stamps
  • Change Image to Grayscale (Adjustments > Hue and Saturation > Desaturate)
  • Increase Contrast (Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast)
  • Remove Background if Needed (Watch Video Below For Help) Tip: Sometimes its easiest to just use the Eraser Tool, and use the Shift + Mouse together, which will allow you to smoothly erase around an image.  Note:  Hold the Shift button down, then move your mouse, then click, then move your mouse, and click again – all while holding down shift.  This way you’ll be able to trace around a subject and remove the background with smooth lines.
  • Save Image to Your Computer
  • Upload Edited Picture to a Stamp Templates in the Shop Section

    Open Pixlr >

How to Resize and Crop an Image

How to Remove the Background of an Image